Advent Hearts Masterlist

Welcome to Advent Hearts, a roleplay group for Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy games.
Mods of the group are: Riku, Sora and Fran

After some talk with SoraMun earlier today, we’ve decided to disband the group. It’s never really been all that active, but most of the few members we have/had have either left or gone inactive at this point. 

I’ve tried to awaken the group numerous times at this point, but nothing really seems to have worked when I’ve tried. 

So Sora and I have decided to go indie, so other members are free to do as they please. The group page will either just go inactive or be deleted. 

Reserved Characters: 

  • Namine
  • Roxas
  • Xion
witchofdarkness-deactivated2013 sent: Can I take Namine from Kingdom Hearts?

Sure, just make sure to read the rules and get back to us within 3 days with the account URL.

defectiveliberty sent: It's been fun being part of this but, I've lost my muse for Snow so, I'm going to drop Snow.

Ah, well alright then dear, we’re sorry to see you go~

xlightthefuse-deactivated201208 sent: Is Namine open? I would like to reserve Namine from Kingdom Hearts :)

Yep. Just make sure to read the rules and get back to us within three days with the URL. :3

c-l-o-u-d-s-t-r-i-f-e sent: Hey it's Cloudy. I was wondering if I could gain membership with my Squall here in exchange for my Leon, please? Is there anything in particular I must do?

Mm, I would think not. Simply resend your url to us since Franmun has a memory of a cockroach and you shall be added~

xiiion-deactivated20121008 sent: Where are the URLs for Zexion, Roxas and Xion?

We’ve not had anyone come back to us with URLs for them. 

Tifa Lockhart

Angeal Hewley

clarky92 sent: Hello, I was wondering if it was okay for me to reserve Angeal Hewley from Crisis Core

Okay. Make sure to read the group rules and come back to us within three days with the account URL.